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Re: httpfs, tarfs --help

On Thu, Dec 20, 2001 at 08:17:48PM -0800, arun v wrote:
> i understand the above, but yesterday from irc i was
> told by marcus(nick name), something like this:-
> settrans /tmp/foo.tar.gz /hurd/tarfs; cd
> /tmp/foo.tar.gz;
> ls; 
> cp bar /tmp"
> Above it seems like translator is set to foo.tar.gz,
> which converts it to a directory, then cd into that.
> Which one is correct?
> First seems to be right for me!

Both are (as Thomas said).  Let me explain.

If you want to setup a tarfs translator somewhere in the filesystem, you can
use what moritz told you.  You pass the tar file as an argument to tarfs.

However, if you don't pass an argument to tarfs, it can assume that the tar
file is what we call the underlying file of the translator.

If you have a file /tmp/foo, you can put a translator on /tmp/foo while
keeping the original file intact.  All normal file accesses go to the
translator though, the file is "hidden", it lies under the translator
(underlying file).  But the translator always gets a port to its underlying
file, so it can access it.  This case is what I wanted to illustrate.

Both are perfectly reasonable and should be made to work.


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