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Re: mach real time

Hi Doug,

> Well in my cases, the user-land programs do not require any RT awareness
> other than being able to periodically empty a FIFO or somesuch. As long
> as the client can check the FIFO every second or so all should be well. We
> would implement the RT hardware monitoring code as a hack directly to
> the microkernel, inserting our code into the timer chain. That's the plan
> anyways. We are currently tinkering with versions of RT Linux, but I like
> to keep considering Hurd for this too just because of its experimental 
> nature.
consider using L4 (http://www.l4ka.org/) for RT work. There is a
L4Linux server available which is not RT, but you can always use
native L4 tasks and threads for RT specific stuff.

There is a (currently long-term) project of porting the Hurd to
L4, but you don't have to wait. Hurd/L4 will not be RT, just like
L4Linux isn't. You will _still_ have to use native L4 threasd with
a user-land RT-scheduler.

Please contact the L4 developers, either at l4ka.org or at TU-Dresden
if you need help.



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