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Re: mach real time

RT is especially important to me. I have a variety of microcontroller
and industrial automation projects at my workplace just begging for
something like a RT Hurd. IMHO Hurd would be a great platform for this
kind of experimentation and using X11 and the "not logged in account"
would be ideal for industrial use in computers which test parts using
peripheral equipment and log the results somewhere to the network.

   It's attractions: (supposedly) more well understood kernel than Linux,
smaller kernel is supposed to be easier to make experimental modifications,
etc. I just wish that we could get a really well written and very high quality
microkernel working with it. For instance the Adaptec drivers in gnuMach
don't work with my 3490AUW  controller, and I haven't had any luck with
OSKit-Mach. My Hurd is currently unbootable although I did have it running
X11 at one point with the Tekram SCSI card. Sadly I do not yet have an IDE
drive to use as my old one suffered sudden voice coil failure! (Sprooiiinnngg!)

One interesting OS that I have been tracking is MaRTE/OS which, incidentally, is written for the GNU Ada compiler mostly, but which might work as a base to
run the Hurd from someday, and I have been watching L4/Hazelnut as well, but
am not as enthusiastic about it.

I do not know anything about RT Mach, however. I would like to investigate
it and try it out... is it GPL? Where can I get it?

Well I suppose I'll try out this here Mozilla browser and research on RT Mach. Later.

- Doug

Marcus Brinkmann wrote:

On Mon, Dec 17, 2001 at 07:06:28PM +0100, Massimiliano Cialdi wrote:

there exist a real time implementation of mach microkernel that works with hurd?

It is reported that the Hurd runs on RT Mach, and there is no reason why it
shouldn't.  RT Mach contains Mach + something (that something is supposedly
the real time interface), and the Hurd just uses the Mach and ignores the

The Hurd itself does not and can not (as of now) make use of the real time
extensions in RT Mach, even if they are available.


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