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Re: Debian GNU or Debian GNU/Hurd?

On Thu, Sep 27, 2001 at 09:27:52AM +0200, Neal H Walfield wrote:
> > Well, if RMS prefers "Debian GNU/Hurd", then I have no objection to
> > the name.
> I am fine with this, however, I would also like a bit of clarification
> on one other permutations.  Specifically, is it "GNU Hurd," "the GNU
> Hurd," "GNU/Hurd" or "the GNU/Hurd"?  The second is used in the README
> file.  The third, however, seems to be current usage.

The Hurd (or the GNU Hurd if you want to m,ake it clear it is a GNU project
and part of the GNU system) is the Hurd or the GNU Hurd, but never GNU/Hurd.
It is never "Hurd", "HURD", "GNU Hurd" or "GNU HURD", and also not "the GNU
HURD" or "the HURD" or other spellings of the Hurd.

You can say GNU/Hurd or GNU/Hurd system if you want the whole GNU system
(including the Hurd, but also XFree86 etc).  You can say Debian GNU/Linux
when referring to the GNU/Hurd system as shipped by Debian.

Seems to be ok to me.  If we all agree on that, it will be put into the FAQ.


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