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Re: Good news

On Thu, Sep 20, 2001 at 11:00:43AM +0200, Florian Quetting wrote:
> I added a new user (adduser) and modified etc/fstab for my swap-partition.
> I used excact the same line as in my linux-/etc/fstab. Is this right ?

Yes, that's okay.

> As You'll see in my attachment, I've now changed your script. I don't know 
> if this will
> do it - I strongly hope so. I've made the changes at work, so I'll not be 
> able to test it
> before tonight - I'll test it after work today.

You don't need to bother with it if you have a working Hurd now, unless
you are interested to work on boot disks in general.
> I've got another question:
> How can I tell hurd to use a german keymap and bash ?

For translated applications, set LC_ALL to de_DE (for example by

export LC_ALL

to /etc/profile).  To set a german keymap, check out
or so, it is hackish but should work.  There is no way to
set a German console font, though! So, i18n works best under X :)

If someone tells me how console fonts are handled in Linux
(hardware wise), I might be able to cook something up.

> How can I use my scsi? (in linux: append="aha 152x=0x340,9")

Doesn't it autodetect the adapter?  Maybe the standard kernel doesn't
include the driver.  You might try to compile your own gnumach with
--enable-XXX (see i386/README.Drivers or so).  You can't pass ioport and irq
parameters, so if autodetection fails you will have to modify the source
a bit.  We can talk about this later if needed.


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