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Re: Feed-back please. Problem.


I have to confirm in the negative ... I am not having a problem similar
to the one you describe.  occassionally have problems downloading files,
but I don't think the problem is with APT itself. I do not have to

I am running on a dual Intel PentiuumPro 200 machine with 64 Mb RAM
(sometimes with 128 Mb swap turned on, sometimes with it turned off).

I see that Ben Armstrong has an AMD machine as have you. It's too early
to tell, but is it possible that the problem might be related to
differences in the AMD instruction set?

Does anyone know how APT was compiled?

Perhaps you could compile APT again on your machine for your achitecture
and see if that makes any difference.


Dave McDonald

Philip Charles wrote:
> I am having problems with apt and I would like to know if people are
> having the same difficulties using apt with the Hurd.
> After rebooting, apt-get update works well, as does apt-get install foo -
> once.  The next time it locks up at "Reading Package lists ... 0" and I
> have to reboot.  It seems to be getting worse.
> My test machine is an AMD 5 with 32 Mb RAM and 100MB swap.  I am beginning
> to suspect my hardware.
> I need to identify the cause of this problem as I am trying to produce
> the next series of CDs.
> If you are not having this problem, I would still like to hear from you.
> A solution would even be better!
> Phil.
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