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Lies, damned lies, and statistics

There are now 1998 Hurd specific binaries.  There were 592 at the
beginning of May.  Of these 86 did not make it to the CDs, presumably
because of dependency problems.

The total number of packages in the Hurd archive is 4081, 524 did not make
it to the CDs.  I plan to include these 524 packages in a separate section
on the last (third) CD.

The number of Hurd specific binaries that have been forced onto the second
CD is 89.  debian-cd makes certain that packages on the first CD have
their dependencies met.  I propose to move games and/or graphics to the
second CD as these are unlikely to upset dependencies on the first CD.

The build scripts for the CDs have been rewritten for debian-cd 2.2.7 and
provided that apt_0.5.4 is "corrected" for the Hurd and the dpkg problem
is resolved, we will be in a position to produce the F4 CDs with the
canonical file structure.

Would it worthwhile producing a set of source CD images?


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