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Re: Xgalaga

On Mon, Aug 06, 2001 at 04:53:57AM +0200, Dios Del Tiempo wrote:
> Anyway, I have the patch (sorry but again I can't send it as an attachment):

Hey, this was what I meant ;)

> I saw something like nas in xgalaga's Makefile; anyway, I tought there was no
> sound support for Hurd at all. So, can I hear MP3 in Hurd (by example) if I
> have a sound card?

nas is a network enabled sound daemon.  I started to port it, but it requires
a bit more work than I was able to invest yesterday.  The idea is that if you
have no local sound support, you can still send the sound data to another
machine and play it there.  esd has also network support, I believe.

We have no local sound support yet.


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