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Re: Xgalaga

Dios Del Tiempo <cronos1_mx@yahoo.com> writes:

> I saw something like nas in xgalaga's Makefile; anyway, I tought there was no
> sound support for Hurd at all. So, can I hear MP3 in Hurd (by example) if I
> have a sound card?

Not natively, but nas (and esd) have sound servers, which means that --
similar to an X server -- clients, possibly from other machines, can
connect and play sound on the server machine. Therefore you can for
example run the nas server on a nearby linux machine, and route sound
via nas's client part to that machine.

This is currently working for esd, but nas's client part shouldn't be
to difficult to port, either.

If you port freeamp & libfreeamp-esound, you can listen to mp3s
through this setup.


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