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XOPEN Requirements for dirent.h

A few weeks ago I noted that the Hurd headers for the GNU C library
seem to not follow the X/Open specifications with respect to the
<dirent.h> header file.

Recall:  Under Linux the structure "dirent" contains a field called
"d_ino", which might be aliased as "d_fileno", while the Hurd headers
do just the opposite.

I was able to locate an on-line copy of the X/Open UNIX specification
(see http://www.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/007908799/xsh/systypes.h.html)
which indicates:

"The file 'dirent.h' [...] defines the structure dirent which includes
the following members:

ino_t	d_ino		file serial number
char	d_name[]	name of entry"

Although my request for clarification to the glibc-bugs list did not
yield any response, I think this citation is enough to indicate that
we should modify the Hurd header files to comply.



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