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Booting Freeze


i have this problem:
when i was playing with settrans, i corrupt (demage) /dev/tty*
(or something else). When i reboot system, i got many error messages,
about permision denied /dev/console, /libexec/console-run and more,
init exited with error code 2 and then system reboot himself...

so i'm mount partition and delete everthing in /dev/* except MAKEDEV
and when i'm reboot, a got into the 'raw shell' (same shell as 
was used during installation) and run /native-install again for
creating /dev/* things. When that was done, i'm reboot computer.
After reboot the system booting continue ok, but after initscripts (
starting syslogd, etc)... everthing freezed.

I don't know what i should to do to fix well-working system without installation.
(because instalation of apt-get and appliactions was fine).

Filesystem is ok and was mounted writable (probably).

Thank You
(sorry, my english isn't very well)

Radoslav Dorcik

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