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F3 CDs - report.

If you are thinking that my silence means that I am having problems, you
are quite correct.

After much trial and error I managed to make a test installation from a
prototype F3 CD.

exim is giving problems.
Originally it objected to (null) as a hostname.  This was changed, but now
the error is

hostname: Host name lookup failure
hostname --fqdn gave nonzero exit code 256
dpkg: error processing exim (--configure)

Can anyone shed any light on this?

locales also would not configure and this was the error.

en_US.ISO-8859-1 ... character map "ISO-88591 is not ASCII comaptable,
locale not iso C compliant.

Can anyone help or advise?

An initial upgrage has to be made to the newly installed tarball before
dselect will behave itself.  Considerable progess has been made here.


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