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What does F3 mean?

It keeps track of the version at two levels.  "F" refers to the initial
installation up to the time the tarball has been configured.  This changes
1. The boot-floppies scripts (debian-installer) has been modified.
2. There is a new tarball.

"3" Refers to the packages on the CDs. (debian-cd).  This changes if there
are new packages or if the packages have been rearranged, this is done by
modifying the debian-cd scripts. The number is reset to "1" with a change
of letter. 

I would expect "L5" to be replaced with the official version number once
there is an official release.

I go along with "Debian GNU (Hurd) i386" as it lets the ignorant know what
it is, and makes the point that "GNU" is the important bit.   The
architecture should go somewhere.

"F3 snapshot (Unofficial)".  Everyone should realise that a snapshot is by
its nature unofficial and not an official release.

"Binary Disc 1-4."  There will be some fools out there who will not
realise that i386 discs are binary discs.

I am conscious of a vicious turtle snapping in the background flooding
the archive with packages.  All we can expect now is a number of CDs whose
usefulness tapers off down the series.

So I am suggesting 

Debian GNU (Hurd) i386
F3 snapshot (Unofficial)
Binary Disc 1-4

With an official release this would become

Debian GNU (Hurd) i386
Official 3.4r0
Binary Disc 1-4

Complaints, suggestions, praise?


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