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Re: F3 CDs

Philip Charles <philipc@copyleft.co.nz> writes:

> In order to make space I am planning to move "Section: games" to the
> second CD for the following reasons.


> 4. To create an incentive to get the apt-cdrom part of apt working.  This
> 	will make life so much easier for me.

Actually, I looked into that issue before you diabolic plans were
revealed. The main problem was that I've never used the cdrom under
the Hurd before (plus I've never used apt-cdrom, anywhere).

It seems that "settrans -fag MOUNTPOINT" instead of "umount
MOUNTPOINT" is enough to unlock the drive (the storeio process can
continue). If that's correct, I can hack that into apt quite easily,
and put up some inofficial debs on my website.


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