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Re: Where to get HURD .debs?

Tony Middleton <tony@middleton.net> writes:

> On Wednesday 13 June 2001 07:50, Glenn Alexander wrote:
> > Where do I go to get HURD deb packages. I'm on a PPP line so apt-get from
> > HURD is not an option nor is a CD ISO. I can't find anything that looks
> > remotely useful on Debian ftp. Am I looking in the wrong places?
> >
> > --------------------------------------------------------
> > Glenn Alexander - The man with no surname and a silly hat.
> > (B.Teach, B.Ed Major IT Education, University of Wollongong Australia)
> > (Now avaliable in China!)
> >
> > http://members.ozemail.com.au/~glenalec
> >
> > I use GNU/LINUX: http://www.linux.org
> > from Debian: http://www.debian.org
> > and   KDE  : http://www.kde.org
> I use a machine which is dual boot linux & hurd.  The instructions at 
> /usr/share/doc/apt/offline.html show how you can use apt to download hurd 
> packages from the normal mirrors while using ppp under linux.
> Regards, Tony Middleton.

If you're going to reinstall frequently, you might want to archive your 
deb's somewhere. apt-move on Debian GNU/linux sorts the debs in a
tree like that on CDs or Debian mirrors and creates Packages.gz files.

(I download on machines 20 meters or so from the national debian mirror
with that apt offline method, put the files on zip disks, take them home
and apt-move)

        Martin Kretzschmar

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