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Re: pthreads imported to the Sourceforge CVS

On Tue, Jun 12, 2001 at 08:43:56AM +0200, Niels M?ller wrote:
> Igor Khavkine <i_khavki@alcor.concordia.ca> writes:
> > and all the files ended up in pthread/libc/libc/ instead of
> > pthreads/libc. So can someone with a clue take a look at this mess
> > and try and fix it?
> The bbest way to fix that kind of mistake is to simply move the
> directories around in the repository. Do you have shell-access at
> sourceforge? Otherwise, you'll need help from someone who has.

That's probably the best idea. I have shell access to sourceforge
since I have an account there. But where can I access the CVS
directories directly? I couldn't find them on the shell server,
and cvs.sourceforge.net does not accept ssh connections.


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