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I can't start "screen" as non-root, because /var/run/screen does not
exist. In fact, the standard Debian/Hurd start-up sequence wipes that
directory away on every re-boot.

I wonder whether that's the Right Thing. For reference, FHS 5.10 says
about /var/run:

    This directory contains system information data describing the
    system since it was booted. *Files* under this directory should be
    cleared (removed or truncated as appropriate) at the beginning of
    the boot process.

(emphasis mine) So do people think that /libexec/rc is right in
cleaning files and directories from there? On Debian/Linux exempts
directories (and ... ugh ... innd.pid).

If this is considered correct, screen must get an init script that
will create the directory on bootup.


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