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Re: Easy Guide feedback

On Wednesday 06 June 2001 07:06, Matthew Vernon wrote:
> Hi folks,
> 	For some time now, I've had very little feedback about the
> Easy Guide. Is this because a) no-one uses it any more, b) it's
> perfect or c) feedback is being provided where I dont' read it?
> Thanks,
> Matthew

Well I used it to install hurd and it was adequate for me. Of course, 
installing hurd wasn't as easy as installing Mandrake but that's just because 
hurd needs to evolve more - IMHO for the time being the easy guide is 
adequate. Thanks for making it.

Jonathan Hunt (The Real Jonathan Hunt) <jhuntnz@users.sf.net>
"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose." 
Jim Elliot

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