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Re: Partition size and glibc build

Jeff Bailey <jbailey@nisa.net> writes:

> It seems that a glibc package build is larger than 918 megs. =(  

Darn. I also wanted to (re)build glibc (2.2.2-1) in my case, and the
Hurd ran into space problems. Have given up and went back to
cross-compiling for now.

> a) Bad cross-compiler (I had this alot before I got it right a few
> years ago.  Now I'm using the debian packages, and I have no reason to
> trust them)

BTW, what is the correct way to cross-build glibc? I used the "cheap"
cross compiler from the gcc-i386-gnu package, and did

  dpkg-buildpackage -ahurd-i386 -uc -d -B -nc

The first problem was that no <mach/*.h> include files were found. I
cheated and symlinked /usr/include/{mach,hurd} to
/gnu/include/{mach,hurd}. Shouldn't the cross compiler take care of

I also had to fix a few little bugs, as the virgin source package
would not compile, but nothing insurmountable.


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