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Re: Project Suggestions

Quoth Neal H Walfield: 

> > A nice project would be looking into completely removing the 1GB
> > limit on filesystems/stores (perhaps for the 1wk part).  Also looking
> > at ways to improve the speed of filesystem access for the hurd,
> > especially for ext2, would be great.
> I think that this will take a bit longer than a week.

Perhaps a good idea for the big project, then?

> ext2fs and ufs memory map the partition.  I32 has a 4GB virtual address
> space of which 2GB is owned by the kernel.  Of the remaining 2GB, a task
> has stack, the program image etc.  That leaves just over a gig of
> continuous space.

Does this mean that to remove the limit, you basically need to totally
reimplement the filesystem servers not using memory mapping?  If you ask
me, something to the gist of "Implementation of a filesystem for a UNIX
system like microkernel operating system" sounds like a real impressing
title for a masters project...  Perhaps one could even throw in a few
more buzzwords for good measure  :)

If it ain't broke, don't break it.

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