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the end is near [was Re: and now ?]

>>>>> "kbd" == karim ben djedidia <kabend@caramail.com> writes:

    kbd> Hi, 


    kbd> I've just installed hurd-i386 and ok it works, great ! but -
    kbd> where is the doc (if any) ???

        do you know about hurddocs.sourceforge.net?

    kbd> I just see some stuff about mach, a few about installation,
    kbd> and that's all -

        There is lots of (scattered) documentation.

    kbd>  I thought (maybe because I haven't any useful doc ;)) that
    kbd> there was a binary compatibility between linux and hurd,

        There isn't (yet).

    kbd> but no linux command works (file not found or something like
    kbd> that). Why ?

        What's a linux command?  You will need to give more details.

    kbd> is it a translator-stuff issue ? 

        That's hard to say.

    kbd> but what is a translator (the online doc and settrans command
    kbd> are very short and **unclear**)

        I agree that settrans --help seems somewhat cryptic the first
      time you see it, but I thought that Marcus' WHATIS (see above)
      was very good.




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