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Microkernel Q

I am thinking that the Mach uKernel is severely hampering
the Hurd project. As lond as Hurd only relies on mach.h it
would be very effective to rewrite oskit-mach in Ada.
    Why do I suggest this? Because I am an experienced C
programmer and I really am lost with the Mach sources.
    I'm sorry but a cutting edge OS like Hurd would really
benefit from 3'rd generation languages like Ada. I know
C, C++, Pascal, Modula-2, and am learning how to use Ada.

If I could provide a mach.h and a MIG for a kernel written
in Ada, would it be possible to rebuild Hurd for it? Hurd
must survive! Hurd must be portable and I want to push
the envelope a lot! I want Ada-OSKITMach.

Yeah, me me me, so what. Hurd has to be written for the
future, lets at least think about these things..

Sorry about typos, you try to post after a 1/5th of whiskey!

- Doug

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