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Re: Hurd F1 ISO and booting

"Brad Marks" <bvmarks@home.com> writes:

> If we had better documentation on the web pages, developers would spend less
> time answering the same old questions and less people would have to dig
> through the list archives for answers. Certainly not the highest priority,
> but it would give everybody a break.

Marcus addressed this, but I'll second it.  Please ask whatever
questions occur to you.  You might not get a response, and you should
certainly go look on web pages too.  But:

Questions often prompt more expansive replies than just spare answers
to the specific topic.  One goal here is to get as many people
familiar with Hurdish concepts as possible, and one way to do that is
for developers to offer expansive replies to simple questions.  That
doesn't always happen, but if there are no such questions, it will
never happen.  Whether I write an expansive reply depends on the state
of my mood, and whether the question sparks something in me that makes
me want to write.  The more questions I read, the more likely I'll
spew up something interesting in response.

Also, I'd second Marcus's point about the fact that questions are
valuable indications to developers about what most interests users.

You're quite right that the web pages can stand a lot of improvement,
and this is an excellent way for volunteers to help out.  But don't
let anything stand in the way of asking questions and advice too.

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