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Re: hurd F2 CDs

On Fri, Apr 27, 2001 at 02:15:20PM +0000, Philip Charles wrote:

> Three questions.  Is it likely that ae and exim will be fixed and in the
> main archive by then?

I've been mostly catching up on older stuff to build.  Basically, I
haven't found anything documenting the "Corrent" way to do shared
libraries under Hurd, and I haven't seen a response to my email.  I,
therefore, haven't filed a bug report, so slang isn't fixed. =)

Which makes ae an unlikely candidate.  I don't think this is a show
stopper, since the old one works fine.

IIRC, exim has all the fixes necessary in the BTS to make it run, so
with any luck you'll have both exim and sendmail by the end of the

Jeff Bailey

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