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Re: Hurd F1 CDs

Ok, things are working fine.  I guess I just wasn't quite clear.  Without
the -a flag to settrans, it resets the passive translator; ergo, using
"settrans -g NODE" resets the passive translator on the node.  You want the
passive translator to be set, i.e. as MAKEDEV leaves it.  When you want to
unmount the disc, you want to use use -ga (with or without -f) so as to
reset the active translator (which is what unmounting means) without
changing the passive translator.  

There is no reason to ever clear the passive translator setting on /dev/hd2.
Then you won't have the problem.

Quite simply, always use settrans -ga to "unmount".  Unless you know very
specifically what you want, never use settrans in any other way.
Just let MAKEDEV set up /dev/hd2 and then don't change it.

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