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Re: Status update

On Sat, Mar 17, 2001 at 05:53:24PM -0800, Jeff Bailey wrote:
> > Anything that uses termio.h is usually very easy to convert to use the
> > POSIX.1 termios.h interface instead, and that is a better thing to use on
> > Linux as well.
> Okay - Are maintainers typically willing to accept these changes?

The Debian maintainer will have to, because unbuildable packages get a bug
with severity "important". Upstream should be willing, too.
> > Since you are building so many packages, it would be helpful if I could
> > look at an automated web page that tells me the status of each package,
> > and ideally lets me get the full output of the last build attempt.
> I'll dig out Marcus' instructions on how to make turtle do this.

When you have done so:
> > > If there is are Debian packages that *compiles cleanly* that you want, 
> > > please let me know.  I don't have the time to chase source bugs right 
> > > now, but if something is buildable, I will keep it up to date.
> > 
> > It would be great to have something automated to try new packages, if that
> > is not hard for you to do.  
> I have been slowly adding packages one by one.  I'm starting with 
> anything that's been uploaded before.

It would be useful to have a full status on the whole source archive.
However, we don't want to build them all. So just add a directory for every
source package, and put it on hold immediately[1] (by setting the "suspended"
flag). Then just remove the suspended flags for every package you want to
monitor. This way the wb pages will contain a complete report on the status
of the Hurd port (how many packages are up to date, out of date, not yet
build etc).

[1] Should be a shell one liner, I can work it out for you.

Otherwise I am going to set up a dummy autobuilder, which only generates
status reports, for Sourceforge or Debian web pages. (in concurrence to
buildd.debian.org/quinn-diff, which I find inaccurate at times. But as it
might help you to get a quick list of out of date packages, have a look

> I would like to see 'make check' become a standard part of building debian
> packages for those that support it.  I think perl already does this - I
> don't know of the best way to suggest this, however. 

Send a patch to the Debian policy or pakaging manual (whatever is more
appropriate) to debian-policy@lists.debian.org and ask for seconds. You get
mine, and maybe Rolands. That's enough to get the ball rolling.

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