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Re: libtool doesn't like me..

>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel Burrows <dburrows@brown.edu> writes:

    Daniel>   While compiling rep (to compile sawfish), I got a
    Daniel> complaint from libtool: ** Error: readline.la has no
    Daniel> associated shared library; ** You may be missing a shared
    Daniel> library from: readline ncurses

    Daniel>   Are there any libtool gurus who know what could be
    Daniel> causing this?  readline.la reads:

Something looks weird here, perhaps the build process is wrong.  I
will let you decide...

(please quote the entire command line and output of libtool, it
may help; what is libtool trying to build when it gets the

    Daniel> # readline.la - a libtool library file # Generated by
    Daniel> ltmain.sh - GNU libtool 1.3.5 (1.385.2.206 2000/05/27
    Daniel> 11:12:27) # # Please DO NOT delete this file!  # It is
    Daniel> necessary for linking the library.

You are looking at readline.la, normally this should be

Am I right or wrong to assume that the readline library == libreadline
library? (If there are different libraries, then la file might be OK).

    Daniel> # The name that we can dlopen(3).  dlname=''

Seems normal.

    Daniel> # Names of this library.  library_names=''

Seems weird. It should contain something like:

library_names='libkrb5.so.15.0.0 libkrb5.so.15 libkrb5.so'

    Daniel> # The name of the static archive.
    Daniel> old_library='readline.a'

seems normal. Oh, I see, readline is only being built as a static
version, that explains why the above setting is empty.

    Daniel> # Libraries that this one depends upon.  dependency_libs='
    Daniel> -lreadline -lncurses'

readline.a depends on libreadline? Now things are getting weird.

    Daniel> # Version information for readline.  current=0 age=0
    Daniel> revision=0

    Daniel> # Is this an already installed library?  installed=no

    Daniel> # Directory that this library needs to be installed in:
    Daniel> libdir='/usr/lib/rep/i386-pc-gnu'

should install /usr/lib/rep/i386-pc-gnu/readline.a

    Daniel>   I also see lots of complaints about dlopened modules
    Daniel> whenever I compile a libtooled program/library; should I
    Daniel> be worried about this?

I don't know.
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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