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new files gnu-20010306.tar.gz, cross-install, native-install


a new set of install files is available now.


File size: 15975748 bytes
md5sum: 092e1150f3fbe9e95312a1acadb6f945

(it seems the tar file is growing and growing. When Wichert has fixed
the Errno stuff in the scripts, we might at least remove perl and leave only
perl-base. I wonder what the Linux tar file used for installation looks
like). To my emnbarrassment, some few packages contain wrong group owners
(dpkg has "1000", bash and ncurses have some others I think are wrong).
I fixed those in the tar file manually, and the next package upload will fix
it for the rest of us.

New cross-install and native-install files will be uploaded to the web site
soon (can't access the CVS for writing right now).

The installation procedure has not changed a bit. You run cross install,
reboot, native-install, reboot, native-install, reboot, and you're done.


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