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Re: new apt source available

On Wed, Feb 21, 2001 at 11:45:50PM +0100, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:

> apt 0.5.0 is now in the Debian archive. Who is going to compile, test and upload
> it? It's the most requested package here, so you can earn yourself some fame
> and honour :)

Okay, I took the bait.. =) (Not that I can upload <grin>).

The following packages needed upgrading:


perl was annoying to upgrade, as I had to butcher my status file to get
some dependancies filled. 

I have tested: apt-get source, apt-get install, and apt-get remove using 
the 'ftp' method.  They all appear to work within normal parameters.

Anyone who has the 'oasis' machine in their sources.list can apt the 
packages that they'd like.  If you need these, and can't wait until 
someone posts them onto the Debian machines, email me privately and I'll 
give you the path.  I posted a machine once publicly, and had to move my 
box so that slashdot stopped hammering me.

Note that I have not signed these packages yet.  It's escaping my brain 
how to do so now that they're on a different machine.  I'll try and 
remember tommorow.

Good night!

I am a Unitarian *Universalist* - RUAUU2? =)

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