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Re: grub install bug?

>>>>> "Thierry" == Thierry Laronde <thierry@cri74.org> writes:

    Thierry> Okuji is probably right when he says not to waste time
    Thierry> about a version that is now obsolete. But I had prefered
    Thierry> to understand who is/was responsible for the mess
    Thierry> (hardware or software) and to be sure that we are not
    Thierry> missing something that will re-appear later. To end the

Agreed. I was unsure whether to being it up myself, but used similar

    Thierry> thread, say that if the result is the same with grub
    Thierry> installed on hard disk and grub on floppy (not modified,
    Thierry> if I have correctly understood), the problem is that the
    Thierry> fs has been corrupted in some way, and that reinstalling
    Thierry> gnumach resets correctly the fs informations for
    Thierry> accessing the relevant blocks for the file (the fs seems
    Thierry> right, superblocks are not altered, but the information
    Thierry> for this very file `gnumach.gz' were no more good).  --

To conclude this thread, no file-system corruption occurred, but some
aspect of hardware was getting corrupted in such a way I misconcluded
a software problem. That is, it seems that a hardware reset doesn't
always reset all of the hardware on this computer, and Mach didn't
like that but for Linux it was OK.

Sorry for any confusion caused.
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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