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Re: grub install bug?

>>>>> "Thierry" == Thierry Laronde <thierry@cri74.org> writes:

    Thierry> Did you install grub from a floppy, with grub running
    Thierry> `natively', or were you installing grub via the
    Thierry> grub-shell, that is from a running OS (Hurd in this case,
    Thierry> I suppose) and with the emulation of grub ?

Yes, grub was running natively.

    Thierry> Did you pass this very same command line `install ...' ? 
    Thierry> What was the argument of `p' ? None ?

Same boot disk. Same version of grub. Same copy of menu.lst. No manual
modifications made either.

This is an old version of grub though, but still, I can't see any bug
doing this...

I reproduced the bug several times. Install grub, system won't boot,
install gnumach (via Linux), system will boot, reinstall grub, system
won't boot...

(file-system corruption? e2fsck reported no errors...)
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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