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Re: scsh: stream_char_readyp

>>>>> "RMcG" == Roland McGrath <roland@frob.com> writes:

    RMcG> There is similar code in Emacs.  Look at the s-gnu.h file in
    RMcG> the Emacs sources and and what it does for this.  Make sure
    RMcG> to conditionalize properly on _STDIO_USES_IOSTREAM, since
    RMcG> the iolib definition (the one you cited for linux) will
    RMcG> eventually become the right one for hurd too.

	So I was using the wrong STDIO interface? OK. (although I am
      not sure at the moment where properly to fix this (I think it
      may be tied in to the answer to Kalle's question)).

	I hope that this will this also provide me with similar access
      to _fileno, since the bsd/irix/hpux way does not provide a
      modifiable lvalue.

The "linux" way:
void setfileno(FILE *fs, int fd)
  fs->_fileno = fd;

The "bsd" way:
void setfileno(FILE *fs, int fd)
  fileno(fs) = fd;

	I was pleasantly surprised with the comments elsewhere on this
      mailing list wrt Lisp - personally, the prospect of using
      guile/scsh for Hurd translators/programming is mouthwatering :-).

	Many thanks,



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