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Re: Hurd CD scripts

Philip Charles <philipc@copyleft.co.nz> writes:

> On 10 Feb 2001, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > Can any hurd porters make a committment to work on woody boot-floppies?
> You may be stuck with me, but I hope not.

Heh.  Well, I don't mind.

> It will be a week or so before I will be able to look at adapting the
> cvs woody version.  It should not take too long.  The patch will convert
> boot-floppies to the HURD, rather than add it as an option.  I hope that
> this will be OK.
> There are some fundimental issues that will have to be addressed sometime.
> The HURD involves a new platform, not a new architecture.  When all the
> utilities, tools etc are available, then the HURD boot system should be
> ported to the HURD.  IMHO we should examine the relationship between the
> instalation schemes of Debian GNU/Linux and Debian GNU/HURD.
> At present it is possible to build a HURD set of boot-floppies with Linux,
> but I have my doubts if we can do it on the HURD platform at the moment.

Well, I guess there's a question whether we wanna go for Hurd with
boot-floppies or just focus on debian-installer (woody + 1, or perhaps
experimental in woody).

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