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Re: Hurd CD scripts

On 10 Feb 2001, Adam Di Carlo wrote:

> > The boot disks scripts are straight forward.  If the files in the tarball
> > are copied on top of boot-floppies 2.2.17 (the version in potato) then the
> > HURD boot floppies can be created.  May be someone might like to
> > incorporate this into the main stream boot floppies.
> I need this in unified diff form.  Since this is for woody, not
> potato, I woudl prefer a diff against the woody branch of the
> boot-floppies CVS area, or, failing that, a patch against the latest
> CVS for the potato CVS area, which may patch relatively cleanly
> against the woody branch (dunno).
> Anyhow, any sort of patch file will do, but in the form it is, it's
> too much work for me to apply it.
> Can any hurd porters make a committment to work on woody boot-floppies?

You may be stuck with me, but I hope not.

It will be a week or so before I will be able to look at adapting the
cvs woody version.  It should not take too long.  The patch will convert
boot-floppies to the HURD, rather than add it as an option.  I hope that
this will be OK.

There are some fundimental issues that will have to be addressed sometime.
The HURD involves a new platform, not a new architecture.  When all the
utilities, tools etc are available, then the HURD boot system should be
ported to the HURD.  IMHO we should examine the relationship between the
instalation schemes of Debian GNU/Linux and Debian GNU/HURD.

At present it is possible to build a HURD set of boot-floppies with Linux,
but I have my doubts if we can do it on the HURD platform at the moment.


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