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scsh: stream_char_readyp


      I wanted scsh, so I downloaded it (and scsh_0.5.2-1.diff.gz, but
      I wasn't sure that that was of any relevance so I ignored it).  

      The compile gets stuck with the FILE structure in
      stdio_dep.c. AFAICT the function wants to know if there is any
      data left in the buffer after the current read pointer.
  Using Linux one does it like this:

  return (f->_IO_read_ptr < f->_IO_read_end) ? SCHTRUE : char_ready_fdes(fd);

  "Generic" does it like this:

  return f->_cnt > 0 ? SCHTRUE : char_ready_fdes(fd);

      I had a look at stdio.h and the file structure there but was not
      sure what to do.  Any suggestions?


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