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A couple of quick questions


I'm trying to set up my system so that I can start playing around with
the hurd source.  I've successfully compiled gnumach, but I can't seem
to get hurd to compile because I don't have cthread.h.  I would have
thought it would either be part of libc or as a separate library, but
I can't find either.  btw... why is the libc package called libc0.2?
Is it different from glibc?

Also...  I can't seem to find the debconf package, which is required
by many packages.  In a post last month Marcus said he was uploading
it, so perhaps there is some secret .deb stash somewhere?  Or was it
just taken out for some reason?  I've just been using
ftp.us.debian.org (I've gotten very good at typing cd
debian/dists/sid/main/binary-hurd-i386 thanks to that pesky select

Also... I read somewhere that the best place to start learning the
hurd/gnumach internals is with the gnumach ipc.  Is there some
documentation on this somewhere, or should I just dive into the


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