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Re: tar file, boot floppies

On Thu, Feb 01, 2001 at 05:26:45PM +1100, Glenn McGrath wrote:
> Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> > 
> > After the needed tar file update (or along with), a small group should form
> > and work with the boot floppies team. The only issue that remains to be
> > resolved is a disk partitioner, 
> Actually, configuring the network will be different to linux as well.

I implemented all common network ioctls, and wrote an ifconfig for GNU
inetutils. Jeff Bailey currently does a major repackagingof GNU inetutils
for us. We might need to port netbase, but apart from that I think that
*basic* netowrk configuration (IP, netmask etc) is very much the same
on the Hurd as for Linux. (Maybe we need to change the command line for
ifconfig to the new format, but I can also provide backwards compatibility
with the unix syntax). Also, we will have to leave out the root command
for now.

Are you thinking of something besides /etc/init.d/networks?

> > but there has been considerably progress on
> > this by Neal Walfield, and he will work on a port of GNU parted now.
> Thats going to fit in really well with the installer as parted is will
> be used for linux as well.

That's again good news!

> Just to clarrify a few things, the woody installer will most likely use
> an updated version of the potato installer (boot-floppies), the new
> installer is taking a bit longer than expected, but things a moving
> along pretty well now, cdebconf (debconf written in c not perl) compiles
> under the Hurd, everything is written in c, the network retriever called
> anna is based on wget, there may be some linux specific stuff in that im
> not sure, ill try a few things and report back in a few days.

Thanks a lot. I am not sure if we are heading for woody, but probably
even less so when we don't have the new installer there. This depends
on how good progress we make and how slow progress is for the Linux ports. ;)


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