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Re: tar file, boot floppies

Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> After the needed tar file update (or along with), a small group should form
> and work with the boot floppies team. The only issue that remains to be
> resolved is a disk partitioner, 

Actually, configuring the network will be different to linux as well.

> but there has been considerably progress on
> this by Neal Walfield, and he will work on a port of GNU parted now.
Thats going to fit in really well with the installer as parted is will
be used for linux as well.

> Glenn McGrath reported success in compiling parts of the stuff needed for
> boot floppies (udpkg et all). I don't know how boot floppies look today, so
> you will have to do it all: Find out what needs to be changed and how. It is
> modular, so it should not be too hard to work it out and not affect the
> linux people a lot. Also, people can proceed one module at a time and split
> up the work. I hope a lot can be shared with Linux. It would be great if someone
> could make a small report on this and post it here, so we all are up to date
> on this and can estimate how big an effort it is.
> If we can get Debian boot floppies by summer, that would be great.
> Thanks,
> Marcus

Just to clarrify a few things, the woody installer will most likely use
an updated version of the potato installer (boot-floppies), the new
installer is taking a bit longer than expected, but things a moving
along pretty well now, cdebconf (debconf written in c not perl) compiles
under the Hurd, everything is written in c, the network retriever called
anna is based on wget, there may be some linux specific stuff in that im
not sure, ill try a few things and report back in a few days.


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