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 I am a new subscriber of this list.

 Also i am new to the Hurd (i installed my first Hurd a few days ago). 
 Now i present me: 

  My name is Jose Eugenio Marchesi, and i am a spanish last-year (hopefully :) 
  Computing Engineer student. I have a long experience with the Linux
  kernel and other UNIXes. Also, i maintain the GNU ACM package, and 
  i coordine the Free Software Foundation official branch in Spain. 

I consider the Hurd as a new exciting approach to kernel design, and i 
see it powerful architecture as the best option for the GNU project.

For now i want to study the hurd and, eventually, take part in it 
development, as long as i can.

Well, greetings from me to all the Debian/HURD community.


Jose E. Marchesi <jemarch@es.gnu.org>
FSF/GNU Spain <http://es.gnu.org>

Usas programas sin licencia?                      <_>
Quiza sea porque las licencias                    oo 7   Free
que conoces no son libres.                       (..)     Software
Utiliza software GPL y veras la diferencia.        """    Foundation

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