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Re: Millennium

On Sun, Dec 31, 2000 at 12:17:07PM +0000, Philip Charles wrote:
> I look forwar to meeting you all in the Third Millennium.

Mike Siemon wrote:

"Our B.C./A.D. calendar is the construct of Dionysius Exiguous (in the late
 6th century?)  It is of some interest that he started with the year 0 (or
 in his nomenclature, 1 B.C.)  When people loudly insist that the new millen-
 ium begins in 2001 (and not 2000), it is worth observing that they do not
 know the history of our calendar.  Dionysius did not use a notation with
 zeros, but his construction is as much 0-origin as arrays in the the C
 language.  Those of you who wish TRULY to be pedantic can insist that the
 "correct" millenium is in 2000 :-)"

Another article which claims that the millenium was over in 1996:

What Millennium? You Missed it! (Harry Willson's RANT FROM FEB 1997)

And now, to completely cover this topic, an article which explains that 2001
is indeed correct:
(main point being that Dionysius started at the END of year 1BC)

In any case, I wish you a happy new year!


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