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Re: Scripts for status of Hurd port, apt update

On Mon, Dec 18, 2000 at 11:53:21PM -0500, Jason M. Felice wrote:
> I was hacking around with your find_missing_packages.pl and
> simultaneously trying to learn the debian developer ropes (I've not yet
> applied, but...).  The developers reference section on porting mentions
> quinn-diff, buildd, and andrea.

And it doesn
'tmention what I wrote for the Hurd, turtle.

I find the builldd suite a bit awkward, and difficult to set up. In fact, I
never tried. Turtle is a complete replacement for all but andrea (source
dependencies are not supported currently).
> quinn-diff is sort of like your perl script, except that it can rule out
> architecture-specific packages, it can determine packages which are
> out-of-date as well as not built, and it also provides whether the
> packages is optional or required in the report.

There is one bug in quinn-diff, it takes the binary list from the Sources
file and not from the Packages file. This is listed in the man page.
turtle gets this right :)

> To all:
> Has anyone thought of using the distributed autobuilder `buildd'?

Please look at turtle, it is much easier to set up and specify what to build
and what not. I have set it up at an autobuilder here in Germany for the
Hurd, but it is down currently. I will address it at the end of the year.

> If we can't use buildd then I'll script another method where I can have
> my machine pick off some of the easy packages while I sleep *grin*  It
> looks like some simple shell/perl scripting with the output of andrea
> and quinn-diff would do the trick.

turtle is written in perl and stand alone. It's actually not so easy to get
it 100% correct, but all the work is already done. You can try to use
buildd, but nobody here will be able to help (the buildd people might),
while I have written turtle and am interested in turtle+hurd.
> On another note, the `archtable' issue for apt seems to be resolved in
> apt CVS on the `aliencode' branch.  I've talked with jgg and checked the
> sources, and there's definitely something there for Hurd, although I
> haven't yet verified that it compiles and works (I'm reinstalling my
> Hurd partition this evening *sigh*).  The shared library bug is also
> fixed in CVS.  I'm waiting for a reply on when and if the `aliencode'
> branch will be released or rolled into the main branch.  I suspect (for
> no good reason) that it will be awhile, if so do we have another way to
> distribute apt-get and friends, like in the base filesystem tarball,
> maybe?  Is there some sort of from-CVS release method where you don't
> need an official source package?

No. You should really try if the patches work, so they indeed will when it
is released. Jason could easily back port the changes to the latest version
in Debian unstable, but I doubt he will do it just for us.


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