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Scripts for status of Hurd port, apt update

I was hacking around with your find_missing_packages.pl and
simultaneously trying to learn the debian developer ropes (I've not yet
applied, but...).  The developers reference section on porting mentions
quinn-diff, buildd, and andrea.

quinn-diff is sort of like your perl script, except that it can rule out
architecture-specific packages, it can determine packages which are
out-of-date as well as not built, and it also provides whether the
packages is optional or required in the report.  It's already running on
a regular basis for the Hurd, here:

The other thing I wanted, a graph of build dependencies, is also online,

To all:
Has anyone thought of using the distributed autobuilder `buildd'?  I'd
contribute some cycles to the process.  (Well, if I can - my Hurd box is
on a POTS connection.)  It would be most worthwhile now while there are
plenty of packages that just haven't been tried.

If we can't use buildd then I'll script another method where I can have
my machine pick off some of the easy packages while I sleep *grin*  It
looks like some simple shell/perl scripting with the output of andrea
and quinn-diff would do the trick.

On another note, the `archtable' issue for apt seems to be resolved in
apt CVS on the `aliencode' branch.  I've talked with jgg and checked the
sources, and there's definitely something there for Hurd, although I
haven't yet verified that it compiles and works (I'm reinstalling my
Hurd partition this evening *sigh*).  The shared library bug is also
fixed in CVS.  I'm waiting for a reply on when and if the `aliencode'
branch will be released or rolled into the main branch.  I suspect (for
no good reason) that it will be awhile, if so do we have another way to
distribute apt-get and friends, like in the base filesystem tarball,
maybe?  Is there some sort of from-CVS release method where you don't
need an official source package?

-Jay 'Eraserhead' Felice

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