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Re: Hurd CD

On Fri, Dec 15, 2000 at 12:28:18AM +0000, Philip Charles wrote:
> The transition of the Debian archive to the spool system is creating
> problems for the Hurd CD.

I hope that it will fix a lot of problems in the long run, like
splitting binary-all in linux and hurd and really all parts.

> What this means is that hurd-E1.iso will be the last release until the
> transition to pool has settled down.

> I plan to rebuild the CD shortly using the pre-pool file system and, if
> time permitts, rebuild the boot-floppies based on 2.2.20.  I will also
> incorporate the new tarball.

Ah, yes... hopefully tomorrow.

> Unfortunately this means that I will have to
> stop developing the CD after this until the pool system is fully
> established.

Thanks for letting us know. Did you mail this to the authors/maintainers of
debian-cd, too ?


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