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i've now updated my installation to a point where i have to wait
for new packages...

what i've noted... some of them might be known issues, but i'd
like to point out how a newbie sees Debian GNU/Hurd at this

* Packages.

  It confuses me to have ~1000 Packages which makes no sense for
  the hurd (yet), like login or makedev, which were provided by the
  hurd-package, but are flagged as 'required' in dselect.

* ftp from the outside on the hurd-server doesn't work

  530 Login incorrect.
  Login failed.

  the logfile says: 
  Dec 3 11:16:58 worf ftpd[57]: fcntl F_SETOWN: Operation not supported

* i still encounter random freezes of the system (ping still
  answers, but telnet and console are dead.) when i use apt.

* in ftp://alpha.gnu.org/gnu/hurd/debian is something that looks
  like forgotten package-fragments (just a cosmetical problem)

* i tried to recompile 'jove' (the editor) and most of it seems
  to work... but it can't open files. i can save text to a file,
  but i can't open them. ('Read error: Bad file descriptor')
  Hints on this?

Don't want to bug anybody, if this all is known and discussed
here, please ignore me.


Cord Beermann   cord@Wunder-Nett.org (Privat)
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