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Getting hurd working...


>>>>> "Carlo" == Carlo  <ccontavalli@libero.it> writes:

    Carlo> printing the kind of FDC I have. I checked the hardware
    Carlo> compatibility list and everything should be allright. I
    Carlo> have a 650 Athlon with 128 Megs of ram, a 900 Megs
    Carlo> partition and an FIC motherboard.

Do you have a network card??  I had a problem with my ne2000 isa card
a long while back and had to cross-compile gnumach under linux and use
that instead.  There have also been problems with irq sharing.  irq
sharing is not supported.  Check if any of the irqs are shared by
looking at /proc/interrupts (in linux) and other files.  If irq's are
shared you may have to rearrange the cards on your machine.  Check out
the archives.  Something similar happened to another hurd user.  

It would also be useful if you gave us the exact message before it
gave up.


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