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Re: Newbie-Questions.

On Sat, Dec 02, 2000 at 06:52:50PM +0100, Cord Beermann wrote:
> 1. apt
> i've fetched apt (manually) from alpha.gnu.org and added it to
> the system, but it doesn't work:
> Err ftp://alpha.gnu.org unstable/main Release                                  
>   Failed - getsockopt (1073741869 Operation not supported)
> a manually ftp works also the dpkg-ftp... the same applies for
> http on source.rfc822.org
> i tried to use a proxy, but failed here also.

You need to update libc0.2 (and probably a bunch of other stuff along the
way). BTW, the next freeX will contain apt, X Window packages and updates to
libc0.2, the Hurd.
> 2. dependencies
> * i try to update the hurd-package and dpkg wants to remove the
>   shellutils-package.
> shellutils conflicts with login (<< 19990827-1)
> hurd provides login
> shellutils provides some nice-programs: date, echo, false, pwd,
> sleep, uname.
> i don't want to miss them :-)

Barf. I am not sure if this is fixed in the latest dpkg (1.7.x). But you can
always use --force-conflicts to work around such obvious bugs.
We are on track of this problem.

> 3. dpkg-hurd-dev
> when i want to install that package it wants to deinstall
> dpkg-dev (that's ok) and debian-policy, debmake, debsums,
> debhelper, dh-make

Just drop it. It was needed in the past, but we are now using dpkg-dev
just like Linux.

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