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I'm an expirienced Debian-User (since pre-bo), and built my own
Debian-Packages, but i'm not (yet?) a Debian-Developer.  Now i've
installed Debian GNU/Hurd on one of my computers (Thanks to
Marcus for his FreeX-Article).

Now to my current problems:

1. apt

i've fetched apt (manually) from alpha.gnu.org and added it to
the system, but it doesn't work:

Err ftp://alpha.gnu.org unstable/main Release                                  
  Failed - getsockopt (1073741869 Operation not supported)

a manually ftp works also the dpkg-ftp... the same applies for
http on source.rfc822.org

i tried to use a proxy, but failed here also.

the box stands behind a masquerading Linux, and manually
tests with 'ftp' or 'telnet .... 80' show that the problem must
be local.

BTW: if i let the box run through to the point where it shows
'Reading Package Lists...' it freezes and a reboot is nessesary.

2. dependencies

* i try to update the hurd-package and dpkg wants to remove the

shellutils conflicts with login (<< 19990827-1)
hurd provides login

shellutils provides some nice-programs: date, echo, false, pwd,
sleep, uname.

i don't want to miss them :-)

3. dpkg-hurd-dev

when i want to install that package it wants to deinstall
dpkg-dev (that's ok) and debian-policy, debmake, debsums,
debhelper, dh-make

i think that many source-packages in woody now want functions from


Cord Beermann   cord@Wunder-Nett.org (Privat)

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