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Re: New HURD image! (fwd)

On Fri, 1 Dec 2000, Neal H Walfield wrote:

> > alpha.gnu.org is on the CD, but not as a local fs.  I am trying to get it
> > to work as a "local" fs as on a starndard Debian CD, but not getting
> > anywhere at the moment.  It can be accessed manually at the moment.
> I am sure that I am the idiot, however, allow me a stab:  Since all of
> the packages on alpha.gnu.org are meant to replace the ones found in the
> debian archive, we can you not overlay alpha.gnu.org onto the debian
> archive and then update the package.gz file?

Could be done with a lot of fiddling by hand.  However, I am trying to set
up some scripts that will generate a series of snap-shot CDs.  The
problems I am meeting probably indicate some fundimental flaw which could
be located in a number of places and this needs to be identified and


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