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Re: cross compile gnumach and hurd

> Is there a way using that gcc-i386-gnu and the mig-stuff on other linux
> distributions than debian?

You can build a cross compiler for the Hurd on SuSe; the same holds for
MiG.  Can you use the Debian packages?  I have no clue.

> I just have a SuSe 7.0 (or something between) and I just can find that
> deb-packages for the crosscompile stuff. I'm not really willing about
> installing another linux distribution in order to get that hurd running
> somehow.

You do not need to do any cross compiling to get the hurd installed:
you will need to compile dpkg for SuSe and then leave most of the rest to
the cross-install script.

> Somebody told about http://hurddocs.sourceforge.net . As I was looking
> on it I just get the Title with a scrollbar on the top and a sourceforge
> logo in the right bottom, that's it. So, the maintainer should take a
> look on that code or scripts or whatever you used. There are also people
> around that don't use lynx or netscape.
> Why should I have up to three browsers on my computer?? The HTML or XML
> or whatever has a lot of possibilities to make pages visible for
> everybody!

The site does not have just IE users, but also Netscape (and I imagine
most others as well).  From the page: This ``site follows the w3
consortiums standards for accesibility, and doesn't use tables for
layout . . .  I have tested with Mozilla and Lynx''

So, view the source or talk to Jeff Bailey.


Neal H Walfield
University of Massachusetts at Lowell
neal@walfield.org or neal@cs.uml.edu

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