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Re: sysvinit

Carson Chittom <carson@starflare.org> writes:

> Having installed the Hurd, I was trying to install some random
> packages.  Some of them Require the sysvinit package, but
> browsing through the ftp archive didn't turn up any such package,
> nor is it listed in the Packages file.  Is there a reason it's
> non-existant?

There is no init for the Hurd yet. I think the general opinion is that
init & runlevels are Unix cruft that will be replaced by something
better on a GNU architecture.

Which packages were the problem? I see the following debs depending on

kbd, console-utils: both would not work on the mach console, anyway.
For setting kbd translations, Marcus wrote a small hack that works
adequately. I forgot the URL, but you can check the ML archives.

ppp: qon't work until ported (known issue)

modutils: useless on the Hurd

genpower, bpowerd: will probably work, if you change the normal
alert-behaviour (sending a signal to process 1) to something better.

linuxconf: could be useful, despite the name - dunno why this depends
on sysvinit, perhaps it can configure /etc/inittab?

file-rc: actually an alternative to the init.d method of starting
services. Perhaps this could even be the base of the Hurd's new bootup

> settrans /servers/socket/2 /hurd/pfinet --interface=eth0

You didn't give the IP address, netmask and gateway. You should.

> I assume, then, that I need some sort of DHCP client to reach the
> network.

There was some work on that, but I don't think it's there yet. OTOH, I
don't need DHCP so I didn't watch that closely... Check the ML
archives for "DHCP" or "pump".

Anyway ... your best bet at the moment is with a static IP (perhaps
behind a masquerading Linux box if needs be).


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